Welcome to Run, Ride, Renovate! I'm your almost middle-aged host, Mari. 

This site and blog is about my life in a mountain valley in rural Northeast Oregon. I chose to move back to my hometown after a series of unfortunate years (mostly of my own making). Like most youngsters, I had grand plans for college and beyond. Like most 20-somethings, reality reared its ugly head and I realized my chosen path was not really for me. 

So here I am at 36, figuring out how to be an adult, and a decent one at that.

The Run portion of this blog I am still figuring out, six years later.

The Ride relates to my lifelong (really, since before I could talk) love of horses.

The Renovate started out as trying to fix up the house I grew up in, that my great-grandparents built in the late '20's, that I have sort of inherited. But it also speaks to the renovation of me, and the life I am trying to figure out. 

So please, if you have an interest in any of the three main topics, follow along. And maybe I can figure out where I'm going or help someone else figure out themselves. At the very least, maybe I can make you laugh a time or two. And drop a few F-bombs here and there.