The Real Renovation

Hey there,

I've been thinking about the 'Renovate' portion of my blog, and had a little brain spasm (sounds less intense than 'epiphany') the other day. I'm not just thinking home improvement and DIY renovation. I'm also renovating myself.

What do I mean by that? I DON'T mean I'm broken or need "fixing". When I think about renovating my late 1920's home, it's about how to take what is already there and work with it. Not rip it down and start new. There are things I absolutely love about my home, like the original doorknobs that always remind me of Alice in Wonderland. But many things need updated to be safe and fit with a little more modern lifestyle than my great-grandparents were obviously living when they built this place.

My house is good enough, but it can be better. Fix some important aspects before they become unfixable (or at least too expensive to fix easily) or cause hazards to life and limb. In that way, I need to work on myself, physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. Chip away bit by bit at the little things. Historically, I've gone too all-out with new ideas without thinking of the long game. And then given up when it became hard.  

Now, I'm going to try and focus on a few small issues at a time. Try very hard not to get down on myself and quit when it seems like my efforts are not making a noticeable difference. Let's see how we turn out, shall we?

Until next time,